Last Legion, began late 2010 by guitarist/composer Christopher Sampath & Vocalist Jason Ayala in an attempt to merge technical melodic Guitar riffs with the primal aggression of Scandinavian Death metal & Black Metal simplicity. Viking mythology based lyrics were thought to add an epic Nordic feel to the music. When the war horn sounds, these New World Norse Men gather from the far corners of the earth!


Jason Malharan the Skald


Chris and his Seven String Bow


The Beheader


Ian Finehair
Hammer Ov Doom

From North America to the Caribbean Islands, Europe, to the Korean Peninsula, Midgard to the Beyond, when these men assemble their true might begins to shine, and their hearts pump only pure Nordic valor! The ferocious mighty hymn will rise above the din of battles just begun. A sound of thunder leads the charge, and all who hear these epic beasts of war shall be compelled to follow. Loyal to fans as fans are to them, CROSS THE LEGION AND YOU WILL NOT LAST!